Green Manure aka cover crops

Hello hello everybody, this is my second day posting to our blog hooray! I have to say, I had my doubts about starting this blog but you guys have really surprised me. I don’t really know how you found our blog amongst the thousands of blogs out there but I thank you for stopping by regardless! Your comments have really encouraged this family of budding writers/gardeners/DIYers so you guys will be seeing much more of us to come. I promise!

Today, I wanted to discuss one of my newest endeavors in the garden. I have much to catch you guys up on but for now, we will be discussing green manure. Yay!

Alright, now how do I add a picture….
Ahh, here we go. This is our Tomato plant.
Dont mind the silver tube protruding from the soil, we will get to that in a later post. Unlessssss you guys can guess what its intended purpose is 😉 But this is where I am pouring my heart and soul. I want this tub of soil to emulate perfectly healthy, never-tilled organic soil. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few months and this is where I am putting all of it into practice! I have yet to fully realize me theory to organic gardening but I take tips from books like the One Straw Revolution by Masanonu Fukuoka. Maybe you have read the book?

Now that we got the introductions out of the way, I would like to get your opinion on what I plan to do with it next.

I’ve been on the prowl. I’ve been scouring home gardening centers in San Diego and I cannot seem to find white clover!! I’ve done a bit of research and I found that white clover is a great cover crop. I’ve seen videos on youtube showing the wonders of white clover and what it does to aggregate the soil. I want that in my container!! However, I could not find any. The author of the book also mentioned using buckwheat, and other grains as a cover crop. Upon further research, I found that buckwheat is known to be an “introduction” to using green manure. Have any of you had any issues with it? I’ve never grown buckwheat before so I am a little bit intimidated! I hope it does not get in the way of the tomatoes. If it does, I think I will just mow a small area to give the tomato some room. Hopefully I will find some white clover somewhere eventually.  Sigh, I never seem to find anything I want in all the stores around me. =\

I think for my next posting, I will talk about my “wily” idea to grow some shitake mushrooms in the backyard and how that ties in with growing more buckwheat! Thanks for visiting, I promise I will get the hang of this wordpress thing 😉 Need to go for now, Calvin wont stop begging for attention.


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