Hello everyone, Amy here! My other half, Eugin, has pioneered this humble blog for us and I am just now taking my first go at it. I am a little shy in the sense that while I do know that I want to take part in this experience but am still unsure of ‘what’ or ‘how’. After a couple days of mulling over how I should make my grand entrance into this WordPress world, I have decided that I will acclimate to the waters by writing about something essential in our lives and will continue to make guest appearances throughout our posts.

My very first piece will be about our house’lions’, Calvin and Hobbes (not necessarily in that order). I would first like to state that although their names may be cliche for a couple of cats, our love for the series by Bill Watterson made it inevitable. Quite surprisingly, the cats have quite lived up to their namesakes.

We adopted Hobbes,

or Bug Bug, or Hobblet, as we so lovingly call her, as a runt in October of 2011. While Hobbes is not a conventional female name, due to a strange blunder by an uninformed worker, for the first few months of having Hobbes, we thought she was a male. Eugin and I have been pleasantly and constantly challenged for the past nearly 3 years with ways to earn more of her love and affection. Why, you ask? Any cat lover will tell you, that a cat’s love is quite gratifying because it is definitely something that you earn. When Hobbes is in the mood for some TLC, she can knock you on your butt with how sweet she can be. Her gentle Hemi-like purr is so decadent that you are filled with the urge to never stop!

Then there is Calvin.

Very much like the Bill Watterson series’ Calvin, our newest addition is full of character, pizzazz, and mischief. For the first few weeks he wasn’t so much a cat as he was a pile of fur with an appetite. We soon learned that he has nothing but love to give and demanded the same from us. We were and still are very happy to oblige. He just turned one this past May and has nearly tripled in size since we adopted him. He is never shy but is deathly afraid of the sounds of crinkling plastic and it still makes us laugh.

The dynamic of these two cats together is very much like the relationship between two juvenile siblings. The love each other greatly like siblings. They bug the pants off of each other like siblings, and that’s is usually Calvin pestering Hobbes. Nonetheless, the love and joy that these two characters bring into our lives is yet unmatched and it is my pleasure to unveil them to you!


For The Love of Cat(s)

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