Patio Herb Garden + Mycology question

Happy Saturday everybody.
Amy and I have had a wonderful Saturday afternoon :). We mosy-d around downstairs in our pajamas for the better part of the morning, had some coffee and made our way to our local garden center.
I’ve been working on building up the soil for our patio container garden for a bit now and I think it is about ready to take on some herbs!


So here, you see our pallet is divided into two sections.
The front, right section is full of innoculated shiitake plugs that have been covered with leaves, straw, wood chips, buckwheat husks, and firewood logs (lol). I pretty much filled it with as much brown material as I possibly could. The idea came from Paul Stamets’ book Running With Mycelium. It is relatively low maintenance, all I have to do is make sure that the buckwheat husks are moist. If the buckwheat is moist, then I know the insides are moist, and hopefully the mycelium will run through that.

BUT, we are focusing on the back side today. I will post pictures of the shiitake as it progresses (or fails) 😐

Now if you guys remember from previous posts, I mentioned that i had just planted a bunch of buckwheat seeds in the container. I got the idea from Masanobu’s One Straw Revolution. The idea is to always have something growing in the soil. In this way, the soil will continuously get aggregated from the roots as more organic material is added onto it.

I think i may have planted the buckwheat a tad bit early though =\

Today, Amy and I bought a bunch of seeds:
I should have planted the buckwheat AFTER, these seeds got a stronger hold. They are not too far off anyways so I think it should be fine. If this doesn’t work out, you guys will know too. trust me.
I think traditional container beds are either mono-cultured or lined up nice and pretty with poly-cultures. My plan is to just mix them all up in this here bottle with some sure start microbial innoculants. If things get over crowded, I can just pluck a little here and there. Ultimately, I am looking for bio diversity, something I am really going to be gearing my gardening style towards. But I think I have done my due diligence in picking these seeds. I am pretty sure that they will do well in our full-ish sun container in our zone.

I will be sure to post many more updates to come! I hope they are tasty!

Question for you mycologists out there.
What do you guys think of the mushroom bed?
My thoughts are:

Shiitake mushrooms are saprophytic.
If I use the cover crop method for the adjacent garden bed, do you think that the shiitake bed will benefit from the continuous addition of brown/green matter?
Or, do you think the shiitake mycelium will benefit the garden bed that has been innocculated with myccorhizal fungus?
I honestly have no idea what will happen but I am really hoping for a symbiotic relationship between the mushrooms and the plants. Please let me know what you think! I am dying to see the relationship 🙂

More updates will be on the way


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