Palette Herb Garden + Shiitake Bed

Good morning everyone Eugin here 🙂

If you guys remember my previous posts, I have been working on our new pallet herb garden / shiitake bed. Amy and I purchased and broadcast a bag of buckwheat seeds into our garden bed on Thursday (?) and they have already begun to sprout profusely. I did this in the hopes that it would function as a good cover crop, aka green manure.wpid-20140608_104515.jpg
I also broadcast some seeds into the tomato container. Such vigorous growth! I am probably going to have to thin them eventually.

We also picked up a few packets of herb seeds as well as a few starter “exotic-ish” herb plants. We transplanted/ sowed everything last evening and we took pictures of everything so you can see just how we did it.

Here is a picture of the proposed placement of the herbs.
20140607_173201 (1)
The middle rows will have butter lettuce and should be surrounded
by a mix of green herbs and microbial inoculant:20140607_114715

With each plant, i took care to single dig as best as I could so I would not disturb the soil microbes in the bed.
Not sure if you can tell in this photo but I gently spread the root ball on this Thai basil a little bit and introduced some of that microbial inoculant to both the rootball as well as in the dug soil below. We spread some of our home made worm castings into the hole and covered everything with soil.

After all the plants were tucked in nice and tight, Amy spread our special blend of green herb seeds around the plants.
We are really hoping for a lush bed of fragrant herbs that will come back season after season, so we have our fingers crossed!


After the inoculated seeds were broadcast, we covered the seeds with our homemade castings and spread as evenly as possible.

Time for feeding! We added sea weed extract and fish emulsion + a little bit of molasses and did a solid drench.

Today, we have more seedlings!wpid-20140608_104502.jpg

So in this bed, we have:
butterhead lettuce
thai basil
green onion
catnip & cat grass 😉
All of the seeds were inoculated with mycorrhizal fungus so I hope the bed becomes/stays ever fertile!

I also added some purslane seeds to our azalea “bonsai” pot as a living mulch.

As always, we will keep you guys updated so stay tuned folks!

Also, look at this cool leaf Amy found in our worm bin!
It may be hard to see in the photo but it looks like golden gossamer. how crazy! And say hello to the worms  😉

Thats all for now everybody. I’m off to go enjoy the rest of the sunday afternoon. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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