Inoculated Spawn, my first shot

Hey guys,
just wanted to share my first steps in mycology with the rest of you folks.
Here is a view of our shiitake bed/ herb garden that we have outside with our bonsai. With our natural farming approach to our herb garden, I am hoping that the saprophytic fungi benefit from the increases in organic matter from the herb garden. Similarly, I want to see if the saprophytes may somehow benefit the living herbs in the garden. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that one 😉

But before we started the outdoors project, we started with our little indoors project.  Here is a view of how it currently looks (sorry, I should have taken pictures when i first started, shoulda started the blog sooner!)
Not very exciting eh? I think not!
What you see here is
 Pleurotus eryngii mycelium, otherwise known as the King Oyster mushroom, running through straw substrate.
This was a project of many firsts for me. First of all, I was reading Paul Stamet’s Mycelium running and I was all jazzed up about mushrooms. So this was my first time working with inoculated spawn, first time pasteurizing sterilizing anything, and first time incubating….well, anything at all. I really hope I didn’t mess it up!
All i used for the process was
-a bottle of hydrogen peroxide
-cotton balls
-plastic bags

after about 3 weeks of incubating, this is how it looks!
In this picture, you can see the two inoculated specimens sitting by their humidity bowl. for one of the specimens, i used a plastic bag and for the other i used a mason jar.
Everything here, including the container was sterilized heavily with hydrogen peroxide to prevent any form of contamination.

It looks like it is colonizing fairly well wouldnt you think?
I’m hoping for a pound or two of delicious king oyster mushrooms.
Aargh I can’t wait!

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Thanks for stopping by!



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