Happy Monday [ 😥 ] everyone!

Eugin here and I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the progress of our herb garden/ shiitake bed.

If you guys forgot, just a few weeks ago, I had built a container garden out of a few wooden pallets I had been hoarding. I filled it with a bunch of organic matter + compost and this is what it looked like when I was done:
Nothing too exciting here just yet.

Since then, I sowed a variety of herbaceous seeds into the pallet and now this is what it looks like now!  wpid-20140616_172549.jpg
The buckwheat has been sprouting like mad and it is adding a nice flush of green to the once empty space. I am hoping that the deep tap roots will help to aggregate the soil and give the microorganisms a nice place to call home. Its actually kinda crazy, just how much water these little guys hold on to! I was watering the same soil mixture in other containers but much more frequently. These guys hold lots of it!

Here is a close up of the smaller guys, waiting to burst forth.
Not too sure which ones are shown here in the picture because they were tossed kinda willy nilly but we will find out soon enough! I will definitely need to do some fine tuning to possibly weed out the overly sown areas. We will see what I choose to do when that happens. Any suggestions? Please feel free to leave it below!

Here is a view of our soil thus far:
The camera does not do the image justice but the soil is alive!
The soil itself practically shifts with the movement of microorganisms! I dunno, I’m pretty proud of it! To think that it is all in an old wooden pallet from behind our business complex?

Also, we got our first tomato!
I don’t think it was completely ripe just yet but I seriously couldnt wait.
They say you haven’t tasted a real tomato until you’ve tasted your own.
Today I tasted my first tomato and it was incredible.
Why don’t they sell them like this in the grocery markets?

Amy wants to make fried green tomatoes with a few of the others. We will let you know how that goes 🙂
As always, feel free to leave questions, comments, or suggestions. We really love hearing from you guys 😀 😀
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Till next time, hope you guys have a nice evening !

E dit:
Sorry guys, I am still pretttty new to WordPress so I have a quick question for you veterans:

How do I add a photo to be featured for the post?
Also, does anybody have tips to sync to Google Analytics?


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