Our oasis on barren soil


The view from bedroom window

Amy and I have been living in this townhouse for a little over a year now and

we have really enjoyed making this place feel like home since then. To be honest, some of the rooms are still somewhat unfurnished. Amy and I are pretty out doorsy so if we get the chance, we are normally outdoors. With that being said, all of my attention had been diverted to making our new outdoor space more.. habitable.

During our search for a good apartment, we stumbled on our two story town house. It really is quite cozy indoors HOWEVER, we had no soil in our yard.
Instead, we had a silty/clay-ish dusty soil. Not exactly best garden material.
We don’t even have a hose!
Fortunately for us, the landlord had built a wooden deck that covered up the ugly and dusty floor underneath it.
So I decided to use the deck as the foundation for our raised container garden.
I started decorating with some of our bonsai plants, utilizing the shady portion of our yard for the more sun-sensitive plants.
After being inspired by a few pinterest pins, I decided to make a large garden container out of old wooden pallets.
I filled the wooden pallets with organic material, compost and soil and now we have a fertile and lush herb garden!
We didn’t stop at just the wooden pallets though. See that giant green tree to the right of the photo?
It is actually two tomato plants!
We filled up that giant plastic tub full of soil and organic material and transferred two tomato plants into it. Look at how they have thrived 🙂
We found an old wooden book shelf, drilled some holes into it, filled it with some soil and now we have more serrano and cayenne peppers then we know what to do with!
And now our little oasis is bringing life back into this barren area.
After a year, we have definitely seen a rise in biodiversity. Birds, squirrels, lizards, bugs, and other animals are now frequent visitors in our backyard 🙂

I don’t mean to brag or anything but I am proud of our little garden. It was a barren and boring wooden deck before we got there.
Now it is a green and lively garden!
My point is, don’t get discouraged if you want a garden but feel limited for some reason.
Use your limitations as an anchor and be creative! You will surely end up with something unique but it will be your own 8)




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