Ladybugs: 477 – Aphids: 0

Well what do you know. Aphids.
I am pretty active on lots of social media communities these days and one user was explaining how she was having a difficult times with Aphids in the garden.
I’ve dealt with these buggers before and luckily, the first option to dispose of them worked like a charm – lady bugs. You can see here that aphids are sucking the life out of the new shoots of our maple bonsai

wpid-20140625_181725.jpgYou can see here that aphids are sucking the life out of the new shoots of our maple bonsai

wpid-20140625_181859.jpgHere is a closer look. Yarrgh!

wpid-20140625_183533.jpgSo I went over to the local Armstrong store to purchase a cup full of lady bugs. The whole cup of god knows how many cost me about ten bucks.

But as soon as you open that lid, the horde of lady bugs make a straight bee line to one of their favorite foods. Aphids.
I had more aphids then I could count, most of them on the Maple bonsai, and small patches of them in the herb garden.

So I just opened the lid and let them FEAST!
wpid-20140625_184847.jpgCHARRRRGEEEEEE! 😀

wpid-20140625_184608.jpgThe lady bugs were released everywhere and they cleaned up every aphid in the garden!

wpid-20140625_184721.jpgHobbes really enjoyed watching the lady bugs eat.

It was ridiculously hard trying to focus on a ladybug feasting on a line of aphids but we caught it on video.
For those of you who have had second thoughts on introducing ladybugs to an aphid infestation,
email me or leave a comment down below and I would be happy to share the video with you all 😉
It really was a blessing and a curse to find these pests in my garden and especially after last night’s debate,
I would definitely call this irony.
But either way, I was happy to be able to share this experience with the rest of you guys.
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Hope you guys have a good evening!


I was curious to see if the ladybugs would attack any horn worms or caterpillars that may be present in the garden.
I have read that ladybugs will attack the eggs or small larvae of hornworms but to my dismay,
the ladybugs ignored the one hornworm Amy managed to find =\


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