Ocean Water, A Great Way to Bring Minerals Back to Your Garden

Hello everyone I hope you are having a pleasant Monday 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you guys why ocean water is one of my favorite full spectrum fertilizers in the garden.
Ocean water is full of minerals. In fact, there are about 80+ trace and major minerals that are readily available for plant consumption.
Did you know that ocean fish are generally healthier than their lake/river counterparts? They have less disease and enjoy overall longer, healthier lives.
Why is this do you think?
It would be arrogant of us to think that life above the water is any more important than life down below. Life flourishes down there. Plants and animals grow to immense proportions and eventually expire, decomposing in the same medium from which they were born.
At the same time, the Earth expels nutrients through underwater vents and volcanoes.
Nutrient rich magma spews and hardens as the ocean water erodes and releases the nutrients back into the water.

This is all a part of what is called the mineral cycle MiningCycle
It’s no wonder why the marine life thrives down there! Their very lives are spent absorbing life giving nutrients even as they sleep!
Life isn’t so easy for us land dwellers, especially these days.
Bad agribusiness practices have eroded our soils. What was once nutrient rich soil is now leached, compacted, and lifeless.
And what about the food that grows out of this soil? It may look fresh, it may look tasty, but a fruit will never produce the minerals that were depleted from the soils.
So what is the solution to this vicious cycle?
Since we live so close to the beach, harvesting ocean water is very convenient for us so we make frequent trips to bring some back home.
A little bit of this stuff goes a really long way so I dilute the ocean water to a ratio of about 100 parts fresh: 1 part ocean water (guesstimate).
I’ve read varying numbers regarding both the dilution and the frequency of application.

100:1 every 4-6 months has worked wonders for me.

Pretty right?

Pretty right?

I wasn’t lying, our cherry tomatoes are full flavored.
I once told you guys that I thought our cherry tomatoes tasted smokey, even bacon-y?
Last week, we brought some of our cherry tomatoes to work to share with our coworkers and we got the same response!
They said that they were full bodied and some even said that they tasted smoky!
But it really is no secret, I told my coworkers as I am telling you now.
Re-mineralization is essential for producing nutrient dense and flavorful foods.
Remineralizing with ocean water is just one of my favorite methods of doing so.
Have access to clean and non polluted ocean water? Then I strongly recommend you give it a try.
Your gardenbeds and your tastebuds will really thank you for it!
Got any questions? Hit me up! I’d be glad to help you find your answers 😉
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2 thoughts on “Ocean Water, A Great Way to Bring Minerals Back to Your Garden

    • Hi John, I’ve never used azomite myself but I’ve spoken with a few people who swear by it. I actually use dr. Earth’s soft rock phosphate in tandem with ocean water every so often to balance the nutrients a little. But I’m sure is you check online you will find a cheap and reliable source of azomite ☺ As for the ocean water salinity, sodium gets balanced with the other micronutrients, especially with dilution.

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