Our first microgreens venture

So we did it. After long hours of research and countless rewatchings of youtube videos, we have finally converted our closet into a micro grow space!


View from the hallway

Out here in California, our closet needs only one grow light and a humble fan that helps to promote proper ventilation.


Open up the “curtain” doors….andddd!

I have a buddy who owns a restaurant up in L.A who said that he would love to try a few samples! EEK!
So now it is a scramble. These trays will be done in probably a little under a week. The first true leaves are starting to appear yay!

We’ve been experimenting and we’ve learned so much already! In these trays, we have:
Arugula (and lots of it)
Daikon Radish
Mizuna Mustard
and our little experiment – Lemon Balm!

Hope all things go well. I have a meeting with a plastic container vendor either today or tomorrow. I found him on craigslist. Super cheap!
Whats next?
I need to work on our temporary menu with prices figured in ( if anybody has any suggestions, please lmk ! )
Our initial phone pitch
and chef presentation.

Jeez, just thinking about it makes my nerves tingle.
I suppose this is what happens when you first start a business eh?
Wish us luck folks, the banks sure wouldn’t!


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