Borage, Bees, and Birthdays

Hey folks! Springtime is here (?) in Southern California and the bees are a buzzin!
Our worm tower container has changed a lot over the winter time and now features our majestic borage plant.

Farewell tomatoes, hello food forest!

Farewell tomatoes, hello food forest!

We’ve been waiting and waiting to see its first flowers. And what do you know? It flowered on Wife’s birthday!


Borage is also known as the “courage plant”. Pretty cool huh?


Day before the flower opened..

Borage is quickly becoming one of our favorite plants in the garden. It has beautiful edible blue flowers and the leaves taste like cucumber. Haven’t tried it? You just gotta!
We live in a small, overcrowded, apartment complex where the HOA runs the neighborhood, not nature.
I am certain that our fenced off balcony is the only haven for bees withing a 5 mile radius at least!
Borage is a well known bee attractor and I’ve read about it many times before online.
But literally, the day before the bloom opened, bees started patrolling our yard, waiting to see the flower.


Bees are welcome in our urban oasis!

Coincidentally, the bees found the water seeping from the holes out of the adjacent container to be suitable as a watering hole. Fine by us, we will be sure to provide lots of water for the thirsty bees! So now, before the sun goes down, my wife and I sit and watch as groups of 3-6 bees come in for a drink in the arugula container and admire the borage before leaving; only to be followed by another group of thirsty and curious bees.


Of 8 drainage holes, the bees unanimously return to this one for a drink. If we move the pot, they get confused! Their directions are uncannily precise!

Honestly, I kinda feel like the borage knew! We’ve been waiting forever to see this beast flower and it was only fitting that it happened for the wife’s birthday. Happy birthday wife, we got the bees and the garden we’ve always wanted!

Also, there are some of you who are asking about our microgreens endeavor? In short: its been a blast and we are just getting started! Chefs love our greens and keep telling us that the flavor is unlike any they’ve had thus far. YAY! Sorry guys, this is kind of a lame update but you will get one soon! Be sure to like and subscribe for more 😉

SHABAM! Daikon mix microgreens

SHABAM! Daikon mix microgreens


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