Microgreens for Profit?

Hey folks, this is where I will be updating the progress on our microgreens business.
Lots of you guys have asked us about this so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

This is where we last left off. Have things changed? YESSIR!


3 thoughts on “Microgreens for Profit?

  1. Hello! I am currently building some shelving units for my microgreen grow room. Is there an ideal spacing for shelves? I was thinking 1.5-2 ft between shelves to have plenty of room for lights and flats and crop growth.

    • Hey Ben,
      unfortunately I can’t give you any hard numbers for your shelf because setups can really vary depending on equipment and ease of use. If your lights have a slim profile, you should be able to get away with the dimensions you were asking about. also keep in mind, having higher spaces between levels makes watering a whole lot easier ☺

      • Cool. Thanks for the fast response!! My shelves are actually trays lined with plastic so i can water from the bottom. So i was wondering if i could use up less space between shelves to maximize my grow room space. But i guess just in case i will go with 1.5-2 ft. Thank you!

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